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05 Jul NJ bodybuilder arrested for driving drunk

DUI Defense Lawyers, Newark New Jersey

A professional female bodybuilder from New Jersey is in hot water after getting busted for drunk driving at Newark Airport. According to news reports, the woman was seen swerving around the airport with a blown tire before crashing into a guard rail. She was doing all of this while also eating a plate of cake.

According to a news article by the New York Post, Dehabah R. Sylvester, 31, of Bloomfield, NJ, was arrested Saturday and charged with DWI and reckless driving after the incident, according to Port Authority Police.

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“Officers had been responding to a report of an accident on Brewster Road and Airis Drive in Newark around 10:30 p.m. when they were informed by witnesses that Sylvester was crashing into curbs and other things with her black Nissan Altima,” the article reads. “They claimed that she had just taken the airport exit — swerving and slamming into the guard rail, cops said.”

The New York Post reports that Sylvester hit the curb so hard at one point that it blew her tire out. Despite the blown tire, she kept driving.

“She continued to drive on the rim before finally coming to a stop at the airport,” the article reads. “When officers approached her vehicle, they found the NPC Garden State bodybuilding champion feasting on some cake.”

Police informed the media that Sylvester told them she stopped her vehicle in order to eat some cake, but that she would be leaving the area soon. At that point, police administered a sobriety test and breath test, both of which Sylvester failed, authorities said.

“She blew twice over the limit,” the article reads. “Sylvester, who is also a personal trainer, has won several bodybuilding competitions in the past. One of her last shows was in May in Bloomfield.”

No injuries were reported in connection to the incident.

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