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For more than 30 years, the criminal defense attorneys of Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates have defended the rights and protected the freedom of Pennsylvanians in more than 10,000 cases. When you rely on Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates, you can rest assured that an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney is handling your case every step of the way. Because a number of our attorneys have previously worked as prosecutors, we have a thorough and comprehensive view of the process. We know what prosecutors are typically looking for and understand tactics that they may employ. We can use this knowledge when requesting that the charges be dropped, in negotiating a plea deal or when defending you in court should the matter go to trial.

Types of Charges our Allentown Criminal Defense Attorneys Handle

The attorneys of Young, Marr & Associated have handled a broad array of criminal charges in Pennsylvania. We can develop a legal strategy that may be able result in the dismissal of charges, reduction in charges or a not guilty verdict. Our experience includes:

  • Assault – Whether you have been charged with simple assault, aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon or sexual assault our attorneys can protect your reputation and defend your rights.
  • Drug crimes – Possession manufacture, cultivation and distribution of controlled substances like marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, or methamphetamine. Even the possession of drug paraphernalia, items utilized in the use, manufacture or distribution of drugs, can carry harsh penalties and a prison sentence.
  • Crimes of dishonesty – Accusation of a crime involving lying or deceit such as fraud, embezzlement or forgery can be particularly damaging to your reputation. Conviction can result in not only formal penalties but also difficulty in obtaining employment and prohibition from certain occupations.
  • Murder – First degree murder can be charged when a person intentionally and unlawfully kills another human being. Second-degree murder includes felony-murder; when a person is killed during the commission or attempted commission of a crime. Regardless of the form of murder you are charges with, you face serious potential penalties including the death penalty for first-degree murder.

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  • Manslaughter – The charge of manslaughter typically describes circumstances in which another person was unlawfully killed, but the accused did not have the intent to kill or other requisite mental state to be charged with murder. Even still, manslaughter is a felony in Pennsylvania and carries serious penalties including a prison sentence.
  • Sex Crimes – Rape and sexual assault charges can decimate one’s reputation before the trial even begins. Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates fights to protect your standing in the community by clearing your name.
  • White Collar Crimes – Stock manipulation, insurance fraud, RICO charges, and money laundering are all examples of white collar crime. An experienced attorney can
  • Traffic Violations – Traffic violations can be damaging in that they can cause the restriction or revocation of your driver’s license. Fines and insurance surcharges can make driving cost prohibitive. Our attorney work to protect your license and minimize financial damage.
  • DUI – Pennsylvania’s DUI lw focuses on rehabilitation for first time offenders but the consequences are still serious. Repeat offenders face a mandatory 1-year license suspension and a mandatory jail sentence.

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