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Crimes involving guns are some of the most serious in Pennsylvania. The team of attorneys of Young, Marr, and Associates will provide aggressive legal representation if you have been charged with felonious discharge of a firearm. Felony discharge of a firearm is a serious offense in Pennsylvania; it is codified as a third-degree felony conviction and carries a penalty of prison for up to seven years and fines reaching $15,000. You may also face other charges, such as reckless endangerment, that carry severe penalties.

If you or someone you know has been accused of felony discharge of a firearm, you should contact skilled and experienced criminal defense attorneys of Young, Marr, and Associates. We understand the intricacies of Pennsylvania’s criminal justice system and will fight for the best possible results, including the dismissal or reduction of charges. To schedule a free and confidential consultation about your case, contact us at (215) 372-8667.

Gun Prosecution in Bucks County

Gun cases tend to be both serious and complicated. According to 18 PA Cons. Stat § 2707.1, felony discharge of a firearm occurs when someone “knowingly, intentionally or recklessly” fires a weapon into any occupied structure. Under this standard, the prosecution must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there was an intent to violate the law.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, a qualified attorney can explain what types of evidence will be necessary for the prosecutors to meet this high burden of proof. An experienced criminal defense attorney understands the intricacies of this and will tear apart any inconsistencies in the evidence presented by the other side.

Long-Term Punishments for a Third-Degree Felony Conviction

A third-degree felony can be life-changing, especially if you are convicted. As noted above, your freedom is at stake if you are charged with felony discharge of a firearm. However, in Pennsylvania, the consequences can extend beyond prison or fines. You may face certain restrictions on:

  • Owning or possessing a firearm
  • Voting (if serving time in prison)
  • Running for public office
  • Serving on a jury
  • Obtaining college financial aid
  • Getting government benefits

Felonies convictions seriously tarnish your record and can impact your ability to find employment, join the military, or obtain a license for certain professions. With this in mind, you need aggressive legal representation focused on seeking a dismissal of any charges or a not guilty verdict.

Third-degree felonies carry fines reaching $15,000. If you cannot pay these monetary fines in Pennsylvania, you can face severe financial consequences. Some of the ways the government collects these funds include:

  • Garnishing wages
  • Foreclosing on real estate
  • Selling your personal property

Pennsylvania Sentencing Guidelines for Gun-Related Crimes

A conviction for discharging a firearm can have a lesser impact if you are a first-time offender; in this case, your attorney can seek a sentence of probation or house arrest. Pennsylvania sentencing guidelines outline a range of possible sentences based on your prior record and the gravity of the offense. The goal of the sentencing guidelines is to limit the level of subjectivity applied in sentence determination by requiring judges to follow the table assigned to each crime. However, for gun-related crimes, the sentencing statutes give judges have a great deal of discretion.

In Pennsylvania, each offense is assigned a score depending on the deemed severity of the crime. If you have been convicted of a prior crime, your attorney should be prepared to argue on your behalf to mitigate the effect of the previous crime on your current sentence. You can learn more about the sentencing process upon consultation with an attorney.

Deadly Weapon Sentencing Enhancement in Pennsylvania

The Deadly Weapon Sentencing Enhancement provisions allow Pennsylvania judges to impose a harsher sentence than the one laid out in the standard sentencing guidelines. This enhancement could potentially lead a Pennsylvania judge to increase a prison sentence by as much as a year, depending on the circumstances.

This is one of the many places in this process where an attorney’s experience can make all the difference. At Young, Marr, and Associates, our team of lawyers understands that there is a lot at stake if you are convicted of discharging a firearm in Pennsylvania, and we will work relentlessly to defend your rights. We will seek multiple venues to ask for a reduced sentence depending on your circumstances.

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