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Gail did an awesome job with my case. I was charged with possession and paraphanelia and she helped me keep my license and got my probation reduced from a year to 6 months. I would 100% recommend her to represent you.
– Derek
Job well done!! Gail represented me in a criminal case [for a misdemeanor] in which I was cleared of all charges. 100% satisfied.
– Anthony
Gail is seriously a miracle worker! I was looking at 5 felony and 15 misdemeanor drug charges and a long long time away. Gail fought HARD for me! She got all the felony charges dropped and some of the misdemeanors. The DA was denying a Section 17, which is probation and charges dropped with no record. After another month of fighting Gail got the DA to agree to a Section 17 and to drop the charges even lower, so while on probation I would not lose my license. The judge in the courtroom told me to thank my attorney and that this was never heard of. I can not thank Gail enough she truly saved my life. I now have a second shot at becoming a better person. I would recommend her a million times over! Who knows how my life would of turned out without her standing by my side and fighting for me. Thank you Gail!
– Anonymous
Gail was amazing. Aa a single mom going through a DUI, I had a lot of anxiety and questions. Gail eased my mind and was patient with me every step of the way. We got a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
– Robin
Without question, I was fortunate enough to have Gail represent me. I thought my life, career, and family would be lost forever. She demonstrated to me that her first concern was my well-being and that if I heeded to her advice things would work out. Gail keep me in the loop throughout the whole process, and continued to remind me to trust her. Gail was right, everything that she said would happen, remarkably did. Gail has two personality qualities that are not usually used together, she has extreme PASSION for her job and unbelievable COMPASSION for her clients. Without question Gail Marr-Williams is my first choice for anyone who needs an attorney and believes his/her life is over because of a poor choice.
– Scott
Mr.Paul Mallis I don’t even know where to start, god bless this man. I was facing 20 plus years with multiple felonies and misdemeanors charges over a violent stabbing case. I was looking around for the best criminal defense lawyer and I wasn’t comfortable or happy with the ones I found until, I met Paul, he was very respectable , fresh clean , very well mannered lawyer. He was very reasonable about payment planning and very openly honest. He was lawyer that I know for sure that if he makes a promise to you he’s not going to break that promise at all. He ended up getting all my felonies dropped and was able to get my misdemeanors down to one single misdemeanor with ZERO JAIL TIME. Paul is the perfect lawyer to pick for any situation god bless you Paul I 1000% recommend Paul Mallis !!!
– Naseer
I highly recommend Young, Marr & Associates. I got a DUI for the second time and of course was scared out of my mind. Gail N. Marr, and the rest of the team eased my mind about the whole process. Definitely great customer service and professionalism. I am also very happy with the deal I got. If I ever (which I hope I don’t) get into any other trouble, Young, Marr & Associates is the one I will call on. Thank you so much for everything! GOD BLESS YOU.
– Juan
During a very stressful time I was blessed to have Mr. Paul Mallis represent my legal matter and not only did he deliver as he said he would he has continued to be available with any issue I had after the case was done and he continued to go to bat to make sure my concerns were addressed and resolved. I would refer him to anyone I knew who needed a criminal defense attorney and for anyone in need of a lawyer on retainer. He’s your guy, hands down.
– Neil
I contacted Attorney Paul Mallis after getting a DUI at the end of 2018. It was a scary situation and I did not know what to expect. I had spoken several attorneys however it was something genuine, warm and engaging about Paul. Over the next 6 months, Paul walked me through everything. He was attentive, supportive and encouraging. He worked hard to get me the least restrictive sentencing while supporting my fears and concerns the whole time. He explained everything to me in detail. He was honest, and not just my attorney but my partner through this all. I am so very grateful I found Paul, and chose him to be attorney. I cannot thank Paul enough for everything he has done for me. I highly recommend him as the go to; get it done, with support and encouragement, lawyer.
– Kay
I can say without hesitation that Paul Young is an exceptional lawyer as is the firm Young, Marr & Associates. I have worked with Paul’s office on many disability cases. I have also referred numerous bankruptcy and criminal cases to the firm. Aside from my own favorable observations, I have only gotten back very positive feedback from clients, colleagues, and friends. Truly a 5-star firm.
– Marc
Young, Marr & associates were the only firm to answer my wife’s phone call way after hours when I made a bad decision and was jammed up. My wife explained what she knew to one of the attorneys that took call and directed my wife to have me call Paul Mallis I called Paul upon my ROR release and explained everything that happened concerning case . He explained what would take place cost and what he and his firm would do to reduce charges and that he was going to suggest ARD. To DA through himself and relationship he and his office has with DA. Well everything Paul had went over and suggested was the exact outcome! I went from two felony charges with possibilities of jail time to being dropped to two misdemeanor and ARD with 12 months of call in probation as Paul was confident from the beginning!! I’ve suggested him already and he and his office have taken phone calls answering questions about their cases. I will never ever again if needed search for any other firm or attorney as I had found the right one the first time. Paul ,& his firm understands that sometimes people make bad chooses and treats you like that. Great experience great firm great attorney!!
– Mike
My husband got arrested and I called Young,Marr and Associates and they connected me right away to Paul Maillis. Since the very beginning Paul had his back. My husband was looking at serious charges including felonies and misdemeanors. Looking at a long time in jail. Went to our prelim hearing and Paul got serious charges dropped except two misdemeanors. During the pre trials Paul got charges dropped to summary offenses and probation . Through this whole thing my husband would get very anxious and Paul would answer every email and return every call promptly no matter time of day. He would reassure that everything would be fine. Seeing paul in action really showed that he is an aggressive lawyer and is willing to fight for his client and go over and beyond. When we didn’t understand something he put it in terms we would. Very satisfied with the end result. Would hire Paul again if needed. Thanks Paul.
– Justin
Gail Marr, was the light of hope to my family and I. Especially at a time when our options appeared limited, and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed out of the question. Not only was she able to defend us from an unjust accusation, her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional support to myself and those I care about most. My son and I are eternally grateful for her service. If you are in need for an attorney who will fight even the toughest cases, one who doesn’t take NO for an answer, or one who almost gets locked up fighting for your child’s rights. Stop looking Gail has all of that and more. There were times we personally gave up. Gail didn’t! She also didn’t lie or put up false hopes. She shoots straight to the truth, but has your back the whole way
– Ariane
Paul was outstanding for me! I was arrested for a bench warrant for missing a court date and he was able to get me a continuance which allowed me extra time to complete my community service. He was very friendly and treated my court case like it was himself on trial. His rapport with the District Attorney was great which allowed us to get the best possible outcome! I would give him 10 stars if I could! I highly recommend hiring him for his services! It was well worth it!
– Carson
Gail Marr did an excellent job handling my case got my misdemeanor and license suspension dropped down to 2 fines that were $25 each I will be recommending her to anyone I come across in need of an attorney she is one the best
– Juan
Without going into too much detail I’ll say that Gail Marr represented my case extremely well. She is efficiently on top of every detail and this woman was the key to lowering my criminal case to a bare minimum. She saved me lots of conflict and jail time. I strongly stand by her and her firm 100%. 5 star service. 👍🏼
– Rhino
So basically I was pulled over for speeding and got my car searched and Got charged with Int Poss Contr Subst By Per Not Reg, Marijuana Small amount and Use/poss of Drug Paraph. I immediately got in touch with Mr. Mallis and I must say he did an incredible job . Not only did he work with me in setting up an affordable payment plan but he went above and beyond expectations. Flash forward to a few months after this all happened I get the news that I will only get charged with a disorderly misconduct , pay fines and court costs and write an apology letter. I would definitely recommend him to any friends or family in a similar situation he will take care of you 100% another thing I really loved about having him as counsel was that he would almost always Be available for a phone call if not he would get back to my texts within 5 minutes . Very professional.
– Patrick
Gail marr is one of the best DUI lawyers in the bucks County helped me with not one but two duis and avoided jail thanks to her at an affordable rate that helped me with my living expenses as well. Thank you to her and her team for the help throughout my struggles.
– Deep