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Being charged with any crime is a stressful ordeal, but where charges of rape and sexual offenses are involved, the allegations can be especially devastating.  When you have been charged with committing rape, it can feel as though the world has turned against you.

To make matters worse, rape is a felony or indictable crime which comes with very serious legal penalties.  If you are convicted, you could be sentenced to years behind bars, be forced to pay expensive restitution fines, and be placed on the Sex Offender Registry.  You could lose your freedom, your career, your income, your relationships, and even your self-esteem.  Even long after your sentence has been completed, you may continue to have difficulties when it comes to being hired for a job.  You may even be prohibited from living within certain buildings or communities.

If you have been charged with committing rape or another sexual offense in Pennsylvania, you need to protect yourself with an aggressive defense attorney.  Don’t delay: the sooner you take action, the better prepared you will be.  Call the law offices of Young, Marr & Associates right away at (215) 701-6519 in Pennsylvania for your free legal consultation.

Crimes Our Bucks County Rape Attorneys Handle

Whether you’re facing charges in Bucks County, it is absolutely critical that you speak to a seasoned defense attorney as soon as you possibly can.  A rape conviction can put you behind bars for years or even decades: the course the rest of your life is at stake.

At the law offices of Young, Marr & Associates, we are highly experienced criminal defense attorneys.  Our legal team has more than 30 years of experience handling even the most complex and challenging cases, and we have represented thousands of clients across Pennsylvania.  We believe that our clients are innocent until proven guilty, and we will always treat you with the compassion, dignity, and respect you deserve during this difficult time.

Our Bucks County, PA sex offense attorneys handle cases involving but not limited to:

  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Rape
  • Sexual Assault
  • Statutory Rape

We know the outcome of a rape or other sex offense case can carry potentially life-altering repercussions for the accused, and we dedicate ourselves to aggressive client advocacy in the pursuit of justice.  If you’re facing sexual assault charges, our lawyers are here to fight for you.

bucks county rape defense lawyer

Penalties for Rape in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania grades crimes as misdemeanors and felonies.  New Jersey uses the less familiar but equivalent system of DP (Disorderly Persons) offenses and indictable crimes. While the language used is slightly different, both states classify many sex crimes as felony or indictable crimes, putting them in the most serious and most harshly penalized legal category.

Pennsylvania Rape Penalties

Under Pa. Cons. Stat. §3121, rape is considered a 1st Degree Felony in Pennsylvania.  This is the most serious criminal classification.

  • Sentence: up to 20 years
  • Fine: up to $25,000

While the fine for 1st Degree Felony offenses in Pennsylvania is normally set at $25,000, under Pa. Cons. Stat. §3121(b) Additional Penalties, the fine may be as high as $100,000.

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