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“Craigslist Killer” Barbour Appears in Sunbury, Pennsylvania Court

Craigslist is a virtual Mecca for buyers, sellers, job-hunters, and lonely hearts around the world.  Whether you want to dispose of unwanted furniture, argue about politics, post your résumé, or find a puppy, Craigslist has you covered.  With more than 50 billion page views per month and a presence in 70 countries around the world, Craigslist has become a global phenomenon.  But while the forum offers endless opportunities, Craigslist is not without its dangers.  Sometimes, the anonymity Craigslist affords attracts criminal activity — and in rare cases, Craigslist connections have even led to murder.  Miranda Barbour, otherwise known as “the Craigslist Killer,” recently appeared in a Sunbury, Pennsylvania courtroom after claiming she murdered 22 victims.


Who is Miranda Barbour?

Tucked into the southwestern corner of Northumberland County with a population of fewer than 10,000, Sunbury, Pennsylvania is normally a quiet town.  But on Tuesday, April 1st, something unusual was taking place in the Northumberland County Court of Common Pleas: the nationally publicized murder trial of a self-described serial killer.

If such a thing can be said, Miranda Barbour doesn’t seem very much like the “typical” serial killer we imagine.  She isn’t male; and at only 19, she’s a full decade younger than the average age expectation.  Instead of victimizing friends, family, or acquaintances, she used popular internet forum Craigslist to find unsuspecting strangers.  She claims membership with a satanic cult, and that her cult involvement was the motivation behind nearly two dozen homicides.

Barbour is also married.  Her husband, 22-year-old Elytte Barbour, is purportedly a fan of the TV show Dexter, which follows the exploits of a police officer who leads a double life as a killer.  Elytte is accused of aiding “the Craigslist Killer” in her crimes, and is now facing charges alongside his wife.

Skepticism for Barbour’s Claims

Miranda Barbour says she has killed 22 victims.  She says she has committed crimes across the country, with homicides in Alaska, Florida, and North Carolina.

Among the 22 alleged homicides, the murder which led to the Barbours’ courtroom appearance on Tuesday was that of 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara.  LaFerrara, an engineer and resident of Port Trevorton, Pennsylvania in Snyder County, was found stabbed and strangled to death in a Sunbury alley.  The Barbours both pleaded not guilty to LaFerrara’s murder.

But what about the other 21 victims?

For now, members of law enforcement are skeptical.  The Alaska State Troopers have released a statement saying, “At this time the Alaska State Troopers are not aware of any information — beyond Barbour’s comments quoted in the press — or evidence that would implicate Barbour with a homicide committed in Alaska.”

Even District Attorney Anthony Rosini, who is prosecuting the case against public defender Edward Greco, has doubts.  In February, Rosini stated, “As of this date, there has been no verification of any of the information that has been subject of media coverage regarding prior acts of the defendant, Miranda Barbour.”

Miranda Barbour’s sister, Ashley Dean, doubts her sibling’s claims as well.  “She is lying,” Dean has bluntly stated.  “She is a master of lying.”

Officials from the Church of Satan also express skepticism, refuting claims that Barbour was ever affiliated.  Magus Peter Gilmore, Church of Satan head priest, says, “According to our records, we have never had any contact with this woman, nor her accomplice.  It seems to me that she is calling herself a member of a ‘satanic cult,’ not a legally incorporated above-ground form of Satanism.”

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