A former district attorney at the Bucks County DA’s office, criminal defense attorney Gail Marr brings over 20 years of criminal justice experience to every case she handles. With a history handling more than 5,000 criminal cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Ms. Marr has earned a reputation for delivering aggressive and tireless legal advocacy, using tested strategies that are focused on achieving the best possible results in each case – no matter how challenging the circumstances. When defendants need help navigating the legal system, fighting criminal allegations, and protecting their constitutional rights, they turn to Gail Marr for robust representation.

Ms. Marr represents defendants in both state and federal courts, in addition to representing minors and juveniles who have been arrested and charged with crimes. Types of cases Ms. Marr is qualified to handle in Pennsylvania and New Jersey include simple and aggravated assault, burglary, DUI/DWI, drug possession and distribution, rape and sexual assault, murder and manslaughter, robbery, theft, white collar crimes, traffic offenses, and serious probation violations.

As a member of the American College of DUI Defense, Ms. Marr is uniquely equipped to represent defendants who have been arrested for drunk driving or drugged driving. She also provides counsel to individuals who are seeking legal assistance after a family member has been arrested or detained by law enforcement.

In addition to normal business hours, our attorneys are always willing to meet clients on evenings or weekends by appointment.