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How Much is DUI Bail in Pennsylvania?

Getting arrested for a DUI can be a scary thing. Finding yourself in jail might be even more frightening. Fortunately, you can get released to participate in your defense by posting bail in Pennsylvania. But how much will that cost?

Judges set bail in DUI cases and, while they follow guidelines, have considerable input in this area. The judge assigned to your case might weigh your blood alcohol content at the time of your arrest and whether or not you caused a motor vehicle accident due to your intoxication. Depending on the county you were arrested in, you might be able to pay bail online or in person. If you cannot post bail yourself, you might be able to do so by going through a bail agency or bondsman. You will only have to post 10% of the bail amount. After you post your bail for a DUI, you should be released. If you break any of the conditions of your release, your bail might be revoked in Pennsylvania. After your case concludes, your bail will be returned to you.

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How Much Will Your DUI Bail Be in Pennsylvania?

DUI bail is set according to some general guidelines in Pennsylvania. The judge assigned to your case will weigh the severity of the offense, your criminal history, and other factors when setting bail.

Generally, people arrested for a DUI for the first time will be charged with a misdemeanor. However, charges can vary depending on certain factors, like how high a defendant’s blood alcohol content was at the time and whether or not they caused an accident that harmed a victim while driving under the influence. In some cases, judges will release defendants charged with DUIs on their own recognizance, or without need for bail. For first offenses, judges might set bail at several hundred dollars.

If you have been charged with a DUI in the past, the judge in your case might increase bail as the charge against you might be elevated. Bail might be increased or revoked if a defendant does not meet all the conditions set by the bail authority in Pennsylvania.

Although driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is exceptionally dangerous, it is not as serious of an offense as violent crimes. Because of this, bail for DUIs is often somewhat accessible to defendants in Pennsylvania.

Some judges are more lenient than others, especially if defendants can explain the issues that a high bail would cause them. Our Allentown, PA criminal defense lawyers can pick apart the prosecution’s case during a bail hearing and explain to the judge that you will be present at all court appearances in the future. Getting bail as low as possible will be important so that you can actively participate in your defense.

How to Pay Your DUI Bail in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, those arrested on DUI charges need only pay a 10% bail deposit in order to be released. If you cannot pay your bail, we can explore other options to ensure you can leave jail during the course of your trial.

Bail deposits are 10% of the full amount ordered by a judge. So, if your DUI bail was set at $10,000, you would only need to give a $1,000 deposit to be released. If you cannot pay bail whatsoever and you do not have family or friends willing to help you, seeking assistance from a bail bondsman or agency might allow you to post bail and get released. Before doing this, speak with our attorneys so we can vet the agency to ensure you will not be taken advantage of.

Depending on the county you were arrested in, you might be able to post bail online or in person. If you do so online, there might be a small fee attached to your bail posting. For in-person bail payments, cash or certified checks are often accepted. The person who posts bail in your case must be at least 18 years old.

If you continue to appear in court as required, you may not have to ever pay the full amount of bail set by the judge in your case. Once your case is completed, regardless of the outcome, you will get a refund for bail paid in Pennsylvania.

What Happens After You Pay Your DUI Bail in Pennsylvania?

After you pay your DUI bail, you should be released from custody in Pennsylvania. That said, just because you have paid your bail does not mean you are off the hook, so to speak.

When bail is paid, defendants are permitted to return home and go through the rest of their legal proceedings while out of custody. During this time, it will be important to engage in your defense and appear at any mandated court dates. If you do not do this, your bail might be revoked, requiring you to be remanded to custody for the duration of your trial.

This can make it difficult for you to confer with our attorneys and participate in your own defense. Furthermore, waiting for your trial to take place in jail could put your job in jeopardy or cause other issues for you and your family. So, after you pay your DUI bail in Pennsylvania, remain in constant contact with our lawyers. Go to any necessary court appearances and adhere to all conditions of your release. The conditions of bail can be found in 234 Pa.C.S. § 526. Essentially, defendants are required to refrain from all criminal activity and adhere to all conditions set by the bail authority.

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