How to Look Up Your Criminal Case in New Jersey

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Looking up your criminal case, whether it is currently happened or took place a long time ago, is a relatively quick and easy process in New Jersey.

New Jersey allows individuals, including criminal defendants, to look up criminal cases. Those convicted of crimes can also look up prior convictions and cases through the website of the New Jersey Courts. Looking up this information during the course of your trial is not the best way to stay informed, as it requires defendants to submit public information requests. Instead of staying updated on the progress of your case that way, allow our attorneys to keep you informed. Because anyone can look up previous criminal cases and convictions in New Jersey, you might be interested in getting your record expunged. While not all crimes are eligible for expungement, many are.

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How Can You Look Up Criminal Cases in New Jersey?

Criminal cases, for the most part, are a matter of public record. This means that you, or anyone who happens to be interested in your past, can look up a pending or previous criminal case in New Jersey. This can be done through the New Jersey Courts website.

Criminal Cases in Progress

To request court records for a criminal case, you can download a request form online. When completing this form, you will have to provide your personal information, such as your name and address. Then, identify which court and office you are seeking records from. Provide the case name, the docket number, and the defendant’s information. There are fees associated with requesting these records. Once you have completed this form, you can submit it online. However, if you are currently involved in criminal proceedings, you should not have to complete a public records request to obtain information about your case. The court should keep you informed of upcoming court dates and other important details. Our Piscataway, NJ criminal defense lawyers can ensure that you are aware of changes in your case so that you are properly informed. If your only method of learning more about your case is submitting a public records request online, you might not receive such information in a timely fashion, causing you to miss scheduled court dates.

Previous Criminal Cases

Those previously convicted of crimes and others, such as employers, landlords, and any other interested party, can search criminal convictions and criminal judgments online through the same website. To search for such information, you must first pick the county of the case. You will then be able to search by either the defendant’s name, indictment number, defendant number, case number, state identification number, or complaint number. There might be a small fee associated with getting this information online through the courts in New Jersey.

Why Should You Look Up Your Criminal Case in New Jersey?

There are several reasons why a convicted defendant or previously accused individual might want to look up their criminal case in New Jersey. Even if there is no immediate cause for your search, having a full understanding of your criminal history may be important for you moving forward.

During a Criminal Case

Being charged with a crime can be an emotional and stressful process. Once our lawyers have successfully gotten you released on bail, if bail is set in your case, it will be important for you to stay up to date on the various aspects of your trial. There might be changes to the process from time to time and petitions filed by either side throughout the case. For your own records and understanding, it is important that you have all of the information about the charges against you and the trial as it is carried out. When our attorneys are in your corner, you will not need to worry about looking up information about your case or requesting copies from the court as your case occurs. Our attorneys will ensure that you are properly informed and well-organized during the trial so that things run as smoothly as possible. Criminal trials are complicated, and things can get lost in translation, so it is crucial that defendants have advocates capable of staying on top of all matters. If you are unaware of certain court dates or other mandatory appearances, your bail might be revoked during the course of your trial in New Jersey.

After a Criminal Case

After your criminal case concludes, whatever the outcome, it is vital that you understand how your experience might impact you in the future. Because of this, you might want to keep records of the outcome of your trial and your criminal history. Such information might be requested of you occasionally, whether when applying for a job or seeking housing in New Jersey. Remember, anyone can look up your previous criminal convictions or arrests, so getting ahead of the situation and providing context might bode well for you. For example, if you were arrested in the past but were not convicted of a crime, you can look up the judgement in your case and provide it to a prospective employer.

If enough time has passed since a criminal conviction, you might be able to get your record expunged so that it does not show up when a background check is run on you. Not all criminal convictions can be expunged in New Jersey. However, if you do get your record expunged, all information regarding your arrest, court proceedings, criminal convictions, and sentencing will be erased. This means that even if you were convicted of a crime, such information might not be available to interested parties after expungement takes place.

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