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How to Look Up Your Criminal Case in Pennsylvania

Keeping up with your criminal case is important if you are facing charges in Pennsylvania. Such information is available to criminal defendants and the public online.

You can search your criminal case by going to the website of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania or contacting the trial court handling your case. If you enlist help from our attorneys, you will not need to seek out information about your criminal case, as our lawyers will keep you updated every step of the way. Those previously convicted of criminal charges in Pennsylvania can also find their case history online. Current and past criminal cases, as well as the results of those cases, are public information, meaning any person or entity can look them up in Pennsylvania. This fact might act as a greater incentive for those facing criminal charges to build a defense against those charges instead of accepting a plea deal that does not serve them.

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How Can I Look Up My Current Criminal Case in Pennsylvania?

Suppose you are currently being tried for a criminal offense in Pennsylvania, or you were recently arrested and want to know the status of your criminal case. In that case, you can find such information online.

Trial courts send information about cases to the website of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania to be accessed through a public records request. If you need details about your case more immediately, you should reference the information you were given upon arrest and at subsequent court appearances. You can also contact the specific court where you are being tried in Pennsylvania.

For many defendants, the simplest way to stay on top of pertinent information surrounding their criminal cases, such as arraignment, how to set bail, and mandated court appearances, is to seek help from our Philadelphia criminal defense attorneys. Our attorneys can make sure that you and your family are properly up to date on all facets of your criminal case so that there are no unnecessary missteps that might negatively impact your defense.

Those facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania must be aware of all court dates, filings, and other aspects of their cases so that they can participate in their own defense and have the best chance of success at trial.

How Can I Look Up My Old Criminal Case in Pennsylvania?

If you were previously tried and convicted of a crime in Pennsylvania, or tried and found not guilty, you can access your past case records in several ways.

Suppose you are applying for a job and want to better explain your previous convictions. Or suppose a potential employer was aware that you were tried for a crime but you were not convicted. If you would like to provide additional context to your situation, you can access your criminal record or information from your court case.

You can do this by making a request through the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania case portal. There, you can obtain information about your case and verify that you were not convicted of criminal charges. An employer or landlord might appreciate you providing this information so that they do not have to access it themselves.

Similarly, you can do this to explain previous criminal convictions. There is another portal, Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History, that allows interested individuals to get verified criminal background checks. This will result in information about a person’s criminal history. You can use this portal to get copies of your own criminal history if you would like.

Who Can Look Up My Criminal Case in Pennsylvania?

Almost any person can look up your current or past criminal case in Pennsylvania. This is important to know, as it may incentivize you to clear your name of any wrongdoing during a trial.

In the event that you are being tried for a crime or were convicted of a criminal offense in the past, such events are public information. Anyone can go online to the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania website or do a run a criminal record check to learn of your previous convictions or current charges.

This most often impacts those seeking housing or employment in Pennsylvania. People might be wary of certain convictions and deny housing or employment applications. Because this is public information, it may negatively impact your life if you go on to be convicted of the charges you face.

Our attorneys understand the stigma surrounding certain criminal charges and how they can harm defendants. Unfortunately, many individuals accused of crimes are unaware that they may be capable of beating the charges against them in court. Because of that, defendants might be more likely to accept plea deals that could result in lesser jail time but still lead to criminal convictions.

Our lawyers will carefully assess the charges and evidence against you. Then, we will build you a strong defense that allows you to avoid a conviction for a crime you did not commit. Once your name has been cleared, there will only be records of the fact that you were arrested and tried. An employer or landlord will not see criminal convictions when they run a background check, as none will exist.

If you were convicted in the past and are concerned about people looking up your criminal record, you might be eligible to get your record expunged. Expungements work differently for different crimes. Furthermore, not all convictions are eligible for expungement. Still, it is worth exploring, especially if your criminal record has acted as barrier for you as you have tried to move forward with your life in Pennsylvania.

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