Paul J. Mallis, Esquire

Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyers

Paul Mallis, former District Attorney, is an accomplished criminal defense lawyer and an invaluable part of the legal team at Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates. A fierce advocate for justice, Mr. Mallis has dedicated his career to protecting the rights of defendants in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and federal courts.

Mr. Mallis possesses the knowledge, the experience, and the legal qualifications needed to effectively handle a wide range of cases in the adult and juvenile court systems. He represents defendants who have been arrested and charged with summary offenses, misdemeanors, disorderly persons offenses, felonies, and traffic offenses. Types of cases he handles in Pennsylvania and New Jersey include assault, domestic violence, DUI/DWI, drug crimes, sex crimes, weapons crimes, white collar crimes, theft, burglary, and robbery. Mr. Mallis also represents individuals who have been accused of violating probation, including repeat offenses.

Paul prides himself in hard work and dedication. Every phone call is returned immediately, and he works very hard to provide his clients with a special level of service, which includes providing clients with his personal cell phone number.

Paul is a lifelong Pennsylvania resident, currently living in Manayunk. He is a proud Penn State graduate and thereafter attended Cooley School of Law.  Paul is single and is a former saxophone player.

In addition to normal business hours, our attorneys are always willing to meet clients on evenings or weekends by appointment.