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Trial as Narrative: Why The Whole Truth Always Emerges Over Time

A criminal trial isn’t about the role presentation of evidence and testimony. That’s only part of the larger equation. Any knowledgeable Pennsylvania defense attorney understands that the trial is, at its core, about two differing narratives and how the evidence and testimony support those interpretations of events. On the surface, it may seem as though the person standing accused of a crime is guilty well beyond a reasonable doubt. Throw away the key — nothing more to see here. However, we don’t just give the facts a cursory glance. We inspect them thoroughly to see if they hold up under scrutiny. Often the story changes as testing reveals some evidence to be unreliable. Innocent facts become vital and once solid testimony becomes inadmissible.

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The Kidnapping of Hannah Anderson

Evidence continues to emerge in the kidnapping of Hannah Anderson and the alleged death of her mother and brother at the hands of James DiMaggio. Authorities reportedly took letters into custody and recovered text messages that show communication between Anderson, 16 years old, and DiMaggio, 40 years old, in the months and days leading up to the tragic events. What does this new evidence say about the man (DiMaggio) who died in a firefight with FBI agents as they worked to rescue Anderson? Rumors have swirled in the wake of his death. Some allege the man was the father of Hannah and her brother Ethan, and that the kidnapping was the backlash of a cover-up attempt on the part of the Anderson family. Sounds far fetched, but that’s what new and developing evidence can do the narrative of a trial or other criminal proceeding. The letters and text messages aren’t the only new pieces to emerge.

A Six-Figure Life Insurance Policy?

New reports from multiple media outlets indicate that DiMaggio named Hannah’s grandmother the sole beneficiary of a $112,000 life insurance policy so that she could provide for Hannah and Ethan. Why would the man want to provide for children who weren’t his own flesh and blood when he had legitimate immediate family members? At 44 years old, it seemed unlikely that DiMaggio would leave suddenly and leave Hannah and Ethan unable to provide for themselves. After all, they still had a mother and father at the time to take care of them. Did he know something the rest of us still do not? More questions and twists in the story.

These events, as they unfold, can paint differing pictures of DiMaggio’s relationship with Hannah’s mother and the children themselves. Was he functioning as a father figure for the kids? Sadly, the best person to answer that question is the man himself, but he’ll be unable to provide additional information. Hannah is the sole witness to the alleged abduction, which in and of itself lends to bias because we won’t have multiple perspectives. The truth is a shifting form in this case, like so many others happening across the country. As is often the case, the plot thickens before it clears.

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