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How Does Speeding or an Accident Affect Your DUI Case?

Interviewer: Are there other circumstances that make DUI cases more aggravated or enhanced?

Ellis: Yes, there are certain things that make a DUI better or worse. Obviously, an accident where there is another vehicle involved, especially if somebody gets hurt, makes it much worse.

If somebody is seriously injured, you could be looking at a felony charge of aggravated assault by motor vehicle. That carries with it at least six months in jail if you are convicted, or more.

There is homicide by vehicle, where somebody dies as a result of your actions. Obviously, the cases that you hope to see are just, “Oh, I was pulled over for weaving;” or speeding or a traffic violation.

There are cases you hate to see. I have represented a couple of young people where their best friend in the passenger seat was killed as a result of their actions. It is heartbreaking sometimes.