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Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you have been arrested for a drug offense in either Pennsylvania you are potentially facing extremely serious charges. Depending on the particular offense you have been charged with you could face prison time, probation, monetary fines, loss of your driver’s license and other serious consequences. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can decrease the likelihood that you will face the most severe penalties.

The legal team at Young, Marr and Associates includes a former Senior Deputy District Attorney and two former prosecutors. Our more than 30 years of combined experience allows you peace of mind knowing that your matter will be handled professionally.

pennsylvania narcotics drug defense lawyer

Handling Drug Crimes in and Pennsylvania

Our attorneys are knowledgeable in defending against drug charges for street drugs like marijuana, cocaine, molly (MDMA), methamphetamine. We also handle charges stemming from prescription drugs including oxycodone, Xanax, Adderall, and Soma. Charges we handle include:

  • Possession – In Pennsylvania you could face 30 days in jail and $500 in fines for a first offense involving less than 30 grams of marijuana. Possession of other “hard” drugs in Pennsylvania can result in up to 1 year in jail and $5,000 in fines.
  • Distribution or Trafficking – Police officers in Pennsylvania typically look to circumstances in deciding whether the offense was simple possession or more serious possession with intent to deliver charges. These include the amount of drugs involved, whether the substance was individually packaged, and if large amounts of cash were in the vicinity of the drugs.
  • Manufacture or cultivation – The cultivation of marijuana can carry a jail sentence of up to 5 years in Pennsylvania if the amount is less than 1,000 pounds.
  • Drug Paraphernalia – The use, sale, or possession of drug paraphernalia is prohibited in Pennsylvania. Paraphernalia can include zip-lock baggies, analog or digital scales, drug kits, razor blades, rolling papers, grinders, spoons, or any item associated with the use of illegal drugs.

Whether you are facing one of the above charges or if you have different concerns, our experienced team of attorneys can protect your freedom and defend your rights.

pennsylvania narcotics defense lawyer

Strategic and Steadfast Defense for Drug Crimes in Pennsylvania

Regardless of the drug charge you face, serious consequences can apply. Aside from the formal consequences, a drug conviction on your record can make securing future employment difficult. In fact, according to statistics cited by, 92% of large employers conduct background checks. Further, a drug conviction in Pennsylvania can result in the loss of your right to bear arms.

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