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Unfortunately, many people have a misconception that traffic violations are unimportant matters.  Because these incidents are deemed “violations” rather than actual “crimes,” people often incorrectly assume the associated penalties are merely trivial annoyances, or that the violation in question need not be thoroughly addressed and contested.  While no one would feel comfortable casually accepting an allegation of committing burglary, allegations related to traffic violations are sometimes “shrugged off” and passively accepted with little to no examination of the issues at hand.

This is unfortunate, as traffic violations can lead to costly and disruptive penalties which can negatively impact an individual’s employment and day to day life.  Depending upon the nature and details of the specific offense, traffic violation charges can lead to dramatically increased insurance premiums, expensive fines, and even license suspensions.  A license suspension can cause missed work and lost income, as well as reduced opportunities to travel and socialize.  In Bensalem, where public transportation is relatively limited, preservation of the ability to freely drive and commute is of particular importance.

Statistically speaking, Pennsylvania drivers are exceptionally prone to traffic violations. According to the U.S. Highway Patrol, in 2013 the state of Pennsylvania ranked number two in the nation for most driving citations issued, surpassed only by Ohio.  The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts reports that in 2011 alone, approximately 1.4 million citations were issued throughout the state.

Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates: Bensalem Traffic Attorneys

If you have been charged with a traffic violation, an experienced traffic lawyer can help to minimize your penalties, or even have your case dismissed.  At the law offices of Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates, our traffic attorneys have been defending residents of Bensalem against traffic charges for over 30 years.  Supported by extensive experience, our traffic attorneys are fully equipped to handle a wide variety of matters, including:

  • Automated Red Light Tickets
  • DMV Hearings
  • Driving with a Suspended License
  • High Speed Violations
  • Hit and Run
  • Moving Violations
  • Radar Tickets
  • Reckless Driving
  • Speeding Tickets
  • Warrants

Some of these matters are exceptionally serious, and can be penalized extensively  in the event of a conviction.  For example, hit and run is classified as a felony offense in the state of Pennsylvania.

Regardless of the traffic charges you are facing, a Bensalem, Pennsylvania traffic lawyer from Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates is ready to assist you.

Pennsylvania’s Points System

In Pennsylvania, motorists are subject to a point system.  How does this work, and why is it relevant to traffic offenses?

Essentially, every time a Pennsylvania driver commits a traffic violation, they receive a set number of points.  Point amounts differ based on the associated violations, meaning certain violations carry more points than others.  Once a driver accumulates a minimum of six points, severe penalties such as mandatory license suspensions and enrollment in driving courses may be enforced.

The Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles assigns the following point values to common traffic offenses:

  • Careless Driving: 3 points
  • Exceeding the Speed Limit (31 mph): 5 points
  • Failure to Stop (Red Light): 3 points
  • Failure to Stop (Railroad Crossing): 4 points
  • Illegal U-Turn: 3 points

To reiterate, it takes only 6 points to incur major legal penalties.  In many cases, that means just two offenses can put a motorist over this crucial threshold.

6 Points: 1st Offense

The first time a motorist meets or exceeds the six-point limit, they will be subject to a written exam covering topics like driving safety and road rules.  If the motorist fails to pass this exam within 30 days, his or her driver’s license will be suspended.  The suspension will remain in effect until the motorist is able to pass the exam.

6 Points: 2nd Offense

The second time a motorist meets or exceeds the six-point limit, he or she must attend a hearing with PennDOT (the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation).  Failure to appear for the hearing will result in a 60-day license suspension.

Depending upon the verdict reached at the hearing, the motorist may be given a 15-day suspension, and will be required to pass an on-road driving exam.

6 Points: 3rd Offense

The third time a motorist meets or exceeds the six-point limit, he or she must attend a PennDOT hearing, which may result in a 30-day license suspension.  Failure to appear for the hearing will result in indefinite, immediate license suspension which cannot be lifted until the motorist does ultimately attend a hearing.

Our Bensalem Traffic Ticket + Violations Attorneys Can Help

Traffic violations can result in expensive fees, loss of driving privileges, and mandatory enrollment in education courses.  If your violation results in the injury or death of another person, such as a hit and run, you could even be convicted of a felony penalized by years of incarceration and thousands of dollars in fines.  Whatever your traffic charge may be, it is imperative that you contact a Bensalem, Pennsylvania traffic attorney from Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates as soon as you are able.  Contact us online, or call our law offices today at (609) 755-3115 in New Jersey or (215) 701-6519 in Pennsylvania for a free and private legal consultation.