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Ecstasy is a controlled substance, and as such, the possession of ecstasy is illegal in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the City of Philadelphia.

If you were arrested and charged with possession of ecstasy, contacting a Philadelphia ecstasy possession lawyer will be the most beneficial decision you can make for your case.

Ecstasy Is a Party Drug

Ecstasy is also known as molly or MDMA. It is a party drug associated with certain subcultures, including rave and dance clubs.

Ecstasy is a Schedule 1 substance throughout the United States. The fact that the sentencing of ecstasy cases falls under federal sentencing guidelines means that each case has considerable consequences when it comes to the potential penalty.

Philadelphia Sentencing Laws Are Tough

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has tough mandatory minimum sentencing laws when it comes to drugs such as ecstasy. Even if this is your first offense, and you only had a very small amount of ecstasy in your possession, you could be facing a sentence of up to a year in prison and $5,000 in fines.

If it is your second offense, the sentencing could go up to as long as two years in prison. The sentencing gets more severe the more times you are arrested and convicted.

A drug does not actually have to be found on your person for you to be arrested and charged with drug possession. You can be convicted of ecstasy possession based on the fact that it was found near you, in your car, or in your home.

Depending on your circumstances, this means it could be fairly easy for law enforcement to accuse you of ecstasy possession. If circumstantial evidence led to your ecstasy possession charge, a Philadelphia ecstasy possession lawyer can help you contest it.

Getting Ecstasy Charges Dismissed

As with any case involving drug charges, your Philadelphia ecstasy possession lawyer may be able to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed as illegitimate charges.

If you were arrested after a stop and frisk, or a stop and search, your Philadelphia ecstasy possession lawyer can help demonstrate there was no probable cause to stop and frisk you or stop and search your vehicle. This makes the entire search unconstitutional, and any evidence collected during an unconstitutional search may not be admitted into a court as evidence.

Another common mistake that law enforcement makes is to accuse somebody of drug possession, when it can clearly be demonstrated that there were other people in the vicinity—for example, in the car or house—and the drugs could have belonged to these other parties rather than you.

In order to prove you guilty of a drug crime, the prosecutor has to demonstrate that the drugs did in fact belong to you. When the drugs weren’t actually found on your person directly, it becomes easier for your Philadelphia ecstasy possession lawyer to cast doubt on the legitimacy of your arrest.

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Whether ecstasy or some other controlled substance, a drug possession charge is never a good thing to have on your record. A qualified Philadelphia ecstasy possession lawyer from Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates can help you navigate through the legal proceedings of your case.

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