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While psychedelic mushrooms are the subject of many jokes and are often not viewed as serious drugs, they are still very much illegal throughout the United States. Being a controlled substance means that being in their possession can net you serious prison time and fines.

When you need a Philadelphia psychedelic mushrooms possession lawyer, call our law firm. We can assist you by explaining your rights, discussing the charges levelled against you, and planning for your defense. Any drug charge should be taken seriously since the consequences can be far-reaching and lifelong.

Psychedelic Mushroom Laws in Pennsylvania

Psychedelic mushrooms are illegal to sell, trade, or use throughout the United States. While they could be growing in your own backyard, if you are caught actively cultivating mushrooms for drug use, you could face charges for manufacturing and selling drugs—not just possessing them.

This is a slippery slope, and a conviction can lead to significant time in prison. All illegal drugs are listed under the Controlled Substances Act and are classified based on how toxic they are. Mushrooms are psychedelics and are considered a Schedule 1 drug. This is a type of drug that has a higher likelihood of being abused.

You should be warned that while you can buy mushroom grow kits on the Internet, actually using them to grow psychedelic mushrooms could result in criminal charges. It is illegal to grow psychedelic mushrooms from spores even in the privacy of your own home. Technically the spores bought online are legal because they have not yet produced the substance that is considered to be a Schedule 1 drug. However, if you do grow them you’ll be facing criminal charges including the manufacture of a controlled substance.

How Our Philadelphia Mushroom Possession Lawyers Can Help You

Attempting to fight a psychedelic mushrooms possession charge alone is never a good idea. Retaining the legal advice of an attorney from Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates can help you with any of the following:

Get You Out of Jail

If you have been arrested, our first objective is to get you out of jail on bail. You have the right to remain free and at home pending your trial, provided you can make bond. Your Philadelphia psychedelic mushroom possession lawyer can put you in touch with a bail bondsman.

Protect Your Rights

We will ensure that law enforcement does not speak to you without a lawyer present. We will also examine what happened during the course of your arrest to ensure that none of your rights were violated in the process. This includes officers conducting an illegal search which could have resulted in the evidence they are now attempting to use against you.

Reduce Your Charges

It is sometimes possible to have the charges against you reduced or dropped if you agree to drug counseling or rehabilitation services. This can be in your best interest, especially if this is your first offense.

Defend You in a Court of Law

If your case goes to trial, we can mount a strong defense demonstrating your innocence, thereby providing the jury with a reason to doubt the prosecutors’ evidence.

Schedule a Free Consultation with a Philadelphia Psychedelic Mushrooms Possession Attorney

Mushrooms may seem harmless, but the legal consequences for using, selling, and growing them most certainly are not. If you have been charged with their possession, contact Young, Marr, Mallis & Associates to discuss your case with a Philadelphia psychedelic mushrooms possession lawyer. To make your appointment, call (215) 701-6519.